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My Journy through Alola!!! Pokemon Sun and Moon by senordunut My Journy through Alola!!! Pokemon Sun and Moon by senordunut
Sorry for the lack of art lately. Been busy with school, work and family drama. But I Did finish the game and have caught all the Alola Pokémon except Lunala and I'm missing ONE Zygarde cell. Anyway, this is the team that helped me become the first Alolan Champion!
    Please note that I always get my  pokemon to level 100, so keep that in mind.

Pikachu: Male, Impish nature, has good endurance As usual, I like to have a Pikachu on my team since Yellow was my first game. Found a Pichu and raised it friendship up because I like making thing harder for myself but it feels more rewarding, especially when you get full hearts in Pokémon refresh. I also Like the fact that I can let him and my OG Pikachu learn Volt tackle without the breeding-Light ball nonsense. This Pikachu has the ability static and knows the moves Thunderbolt, Slam, Volt tackle and Thunder.

Primarina: Female, Rash nature, strong willed. When I first saw the teaser for the new game, I was surprised by all the Popplio hate. You had to be team Rowlet or team Litten or you would get the same team choice treatment from Pokémon Go. After their second evolution were out, it stayed the same but with hate for Brionne's "clown phase". Now people see the final evolutions and are now loving Decidueye, annoyed by Incinerroar Fighting type look and are ok with Primarina. I thought Popplio was adorable and I love Primarina design and I'm happy she's my starter. It also took me starting the game and Popplio was female. My Primarina has the Torrent ability and knows the moves Sparkling Aria, Moonblast, Ice beam and Psychic.

Bouncee: Female, Adamant nature, likes to thrash about. I just found her in the lush jungle and I needed a grass type. After two evolution, I really grew fond of her and I'm happy to have her stomping our way to victory. She has the leaf guard knows the moves Stomp, Dazzling Gleam, Acrobatics, and Trop Kick

Salazzle: Female, Rash nature and very Finicky. Like most trainers, I found a male Salandit but I also found a female one soon after and stuck with that one. Good call on my part because only Females evolve. I like this type combination because its a poison/fire type and Its Corrosion ability was really helpful. Salazzle knows the moves Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Shadow Claw and Venoshock.

Mimikyu: Female, Naïve nature and hates to lose. Like many Trainers, I felt bad for Mimikyu and wanted to be its friend. Thanks to the Pokedex and the anime I feel a little worried about Mimikyu, but I still love it. Mine has the disguise ability, witch caused me to laugh at how I hit it with a super effective move and its head just flops to the side. Mimikyu knows the moves Wood Hammer, Play Rough, Dazzling Gleam and Shadow ball.

Toucannon: Female, Modest Nature and is mischievous. I played the demo and wanted to catch a Pikipek because it, like many other Steven universe fans, reminded me of Pearl. When She finally evolved in to Toucannon, I was surprised to see my girl turn into Toucan Sam. I still love her though. My Toucannon has the Keen Eye ability and knows the moves Drill Peck, Beak Blast, Brick Break and Bullet Seed.

Since there are no badges in this game, I though I would just show items I would have in my bag. The z-ring because that's the thing you need to use z-moves. The Charm you get to begin your trial along with the oval and shiny charm. Goggles because the Digi-destined in me loves having a pair. The Rotom Pokedex because you need one and I like all the features and personality it has. The Poké Rider because we don't need HM's anymore. Pikashunium Z because I love this z-move along with the starters Z-moves.

Rotom Pokedex sprite made by Leparagon…
Trainer Card Creater made by Pokecharm
Poekmon Belongs to Game Freak
Please don't hate or sue me.
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December 1, 2016
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